Construction of Resumes

First impressions are of the utmost importance, the initial content the most valuable and relevant elements of your career history.

An effective constructed resume of your experience towards the industry you are going for along with suitable phone referees.


Hints: Do your homework before going for the position – do not leave anything to chance.  Ring your referees when you go for a position giving them warning that someone may call.  Get someone else to read through your resume and obtain a different perspective.


Help is only a phone call or email away, contact the professional resume consultants from the Job Shop, we can assist you in picking up all advantage points in your resume and what employers are looking for.  We can also check your existing resume and offer advice and services to ensure that you haven’t missed vital information.  If you don’t have a resume….No Problems….we can create an outstanding resume for you with a quick turnaround.  Contact us today to receive your no obligation quote.


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